Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure!

28 November 2022

Like cars, boats today are complex machines that require regular maintenance to perform optimally. Our aim at BoatSmart HQ is to make that process easy as for boaties like yourself. If your primary interest as a boat owner is to enjoy you boat, here are three reasons you should have a chat with us:

We Stick to a Schedule

Periodic maintenance is part of the life cycle that all ship components go through. If not, parts can speed through that cycle and break unsuspectingly. That’s why we conduct regular boat inspections to detect and avoid scenarios where repairs will be required. This maximizes the life of your vessel, and the time that you get to use it, at minimal cost.

Industry-backed Experience

BoatSmart HQ First Mates work closely alongside marine service providers to ensure your boat is well looked after in every marina in New Zealand. Our streamlined service and nationwide network is why companies such as Sports Marine NZ and Ray White Marine NZ trust us to be their warranty care providers.

Get More Boat for Your Buck

Not only will proactive maintenance keep your boat in better condition at lower costs, our detailed maintenance logs will ensure you get you the best value at resale.

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