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BoatSmart HQ’s advanced maintenance program for boats uses the proactive techniques to ensure the peak performance of your vessel while keeping maintenance time and costs to a minimum. It’s all about addressing needs before they become an issue and ensuring optimal time on the water for you and your vessel.

What you get

First Mate

Your dedicated First Mate is your go-to-guy for everything, from carrying out your vessel's regular inspections to helping you get cast off your next trip. Our highly experienced First Mates are valuable sources of knowledge that you can turn to whether it's engine repairs or voyage planning.

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Vessel Inspection

In addition to the added safety and peace-of-mind, keeping your vessel in optimal condition also reduces your maintenance costs and maximizes the time that your boat is available for use.

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"Shout out for the fabulous app and service BoatSmart provide. My First Mate seamlessly looks after my baby. If you don’t use them, you should. GIVE THEM A CALL"

Fairlane 57

"This is my first sea bound boat. With my BoatSmart First Mate’s knowledge on tap, I have true peace of mind. Plus it makes me safe, saves time and money. "

GulfStream 38

"BoatSmart assists boat owners by taking the uncertainty and worries out of owning and caring for their expensive asset. Imagine having the comfort of knowing that your vessel is being maintained and serviced on a regular basis – how better than to enjoy the asset you have trouble free."

Gulf Group Marine Brokers

"With a maintenance and activity log, and an independent monthly assessment, BoatSmartHQ services help to maintain the value of my asset, assists with my insurance profile, and allows me to cruise with confidence."

Riviera 46 Coupe


Dry Stack

$195 per month
$2,340 per annum

Plus onboarding charge of $275


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