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Be your own boss, doing something you really love!

Would you be interested in creating a lifestyle for yourself through your work whilst also creating jobs in your local community? Or do you simply long to earn what you are worth? Well, this is perfectly possible once you decide to become a BoatSmart HQ franchisee.

Through our boat franchise opportunities, you can take advantage of your network of contacts. With a strong programme of national marketing support feeding you leads, you can quickly build up vessel subscriptions in your local area.

The BoatSmart HQ – Advanced Vessel Support Package

Our advanced care package ensures your clients’ boats and yachts are ready any time, any day of the year – and are always safe and compliant. With it, you could reduce owners’ costs through preventative maintenance and give yourself a regular stream of income by working in a way that helps support your local suppliers and trades. Sounds good, eh?

For an initial Franchise fee, you’ll receive:

  • Intensive training that includes all aspects of running your business
  • Full support and assistance from Franchise HQ through all phases of establishing and running your new business
  • Access to the software & tools you need to run a successful franchise
  • A full set of operations manuals which encapsulates everything you need to know about the day-to-day requirements of running your business
  • An advertising and marketing plan to launch your franchise
  • Ongoing training and access to updates and improvements
  • A continuous marketing programme to build awareness and ensure a steady flow of enquiries

*If you don’t already own one, you will need a late model, Ute, in either silver, white or black, which will be sign written in the BoatSmart HQ branding.


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