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Additional Services Management fees

BoatSmart HQ Management Fee

If any work is required to be done on your vessel, BoatSmart HQ charges a management fee and this is done for a variety of reasons:

Ensures efficient allocation of resources and schedules, minimizing downtime and extending the lifespan of vessel.
Ensures timely access to specialized expertise and resources, optimizing maintenance activities and minimizing vessel downtime.
Ensures seamless coordination of equipment, personnel, and supplies, maximizing efficiency and minimizing disruptions to vessel owner.
Ensures comprehensive records of maintenance activities, facilitating analysis, tracking, and future planning to enhance vessel reliability and performance.
Ensures the protection of people and assets, reducing the risk of accidents and liabilities while promoting a secure environment.
Ensures swift and effective measures to address unforeseen issues, minimizing downtime and mitigating potential damages to equipment and operations.
Minimizes unexpected failures and disruptions, preserving operational continuity and reducing potential financial losses.

Our aim is to keep your maintenance costs low:

Total cost of worksRate
Up to $14,99912.50%
$15,000 - $29,99910%
$50,000 or more5%

Our management fee works on a sliding scale, and starts at 12.50% for jobs up to $14,999.

The rate decreases to 10% for jobs between $15,000 - $29,999; 7% for jobs from $30,000 - $49,999; and 5% for jobs costing more than $50,000.

The sliding scale management fee reflects our experience that larger jobs requiring more materials does not usually require more management.

It also ensures clients pay a reasonable price for the services provided, and that the services provided are up to the standards and expectations set out in the project.

Services provided

Vessel Cleaning and

Our company offers comprehensive vessel cleaning and detailing services, including hull cleaning, waxing, interior cleaning, and teak restoration. We ensure that your vessel looks its best and maintains its value.

Bottom Painting and

We provide expert bottom painting and maintenance services to protect your vessel from marine growth and corrosion. Our team ensures that your hull remains in excellent condition.

Mechanical and Engine

Our experienced technicians perform routine maintenance, engine repairs, and troubleshooting to keep your vessel’s mechanical systems in top shape. Services include oil changes, engine inspections, and more.

Electrical and Electronics

We specialize in electrical and electronics upgrades, including the installation of advanced navigation systems, sonar equipment, communication devices, and entertainment systems to enhance your boating experience.

Canvas and Upholstery

Our experts offer canvas and upholstery repair and replacement services to maintain the comfort and aesthetics of your vessel.

Customization and

We provide customization and upgrade services tailored to your preferences, allowing you to personalize and enhance your vessel.

Provisioning and

Our provisioning services ensure that your vessel is stocked with groceries, supplies, and essentials for your voyages, making your boating trips hassle-free.

Fuel and Pump-Out

We operate fuel docks for your convenience, and we also offer pump-out services to responsibly manage wastewater disposal.

Security and

Our marina facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art security measures, including surveillance cameras, access control, and on-site security personnel, to safeguard your vessel.

Transportation and

We arrange for boat transport and haul-out services as needed, whether for maintenance, repairs, or seasonal storage.

Boat Rentals and

Explore different vessels or allow non-boat owners to experience boating through our boat rental and charter services.

Waterfront Amenities

Enjoy waterfront amenities at our marina, including restaurants, bars, fuel docks, and convenience stores, providing a delightful atmosphere for boat owners and visitors.

Waste Management
and Recycling

We prioritize environmental responsibility by offering waste disposal and recycling facilities at our marina.

Emergency Response

Count on us for emergency response services, including towing, salvage, and on-water assistance during emergencies or breakdowns.

Dockside Concierge

Our dockside concierge services extend to arranging restaurant reservations, securing tickets to local attractions, and providing tourist information for your convenience.

and Compliance

We assist with boat registration, documentation, and compliance with local regulations and permits, ensuring that you navigate legal requirements seamlessly.
  • “With a maintenance and activity log, and an independent monthly assessment, BoatSmartHQ services help to maintain the value of my asset, assists with my insurance profile, and allows me to cruise with confidence.”
    Riviera 46 Coupe
  • “BoatSmart assists boat owners by taking the uncertainty and worries out of owning and caring for their expensive asset. Imagine having the comfort of knowing that your vessel is being maintained and serviced on a regular basis - how better than to enjoy the asset you have trouble free.”
    Gulf Group Marine Brokers
  • “This is my first sea bound boat. With my BoatSmart First Mate's knowledge on tap, I have true peace of mind. Plus it makes me safe, saves time and money.”
    GulfStream 38
  • “Shout out for the fabulous app and service BoatSmart provide. My First Mate seamlessly looks after my baby. If you don't use them, you should.
    Fairlane 57
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