Your Dedicated First Mate

When you join BoatSmart HQ, we pair you with your dedicated First Mate, your go-to guy for all matters concerning your boat. Chat with the First Mate in your region today for more information.

First mate helping client

What is a First Mate?

Your dedicated First Mate handles everything from carrying out your vessel’s regular inspections to helping you get cast off your next trip. Our highly experienced First Mates are valuable sources of knowledge you can turn to, whether it’s engine repairs or voyage planning.

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How Our Vessel First Mate Services Can Help You

Regular Boat Inspections

First Mates Will Carry Out Regular Inspections

By conducting regular vessel inspections, your BoatSmart HQ First Mate can lower the likelihood of unexpected issues arising at sea. Not only does this provide added safety and peace of mind, but it also helps reduce maintenance costs and increases the time you can use your boat.

First mate preparing boat

Walk On / Walk Off Services

With Walk On services by your dedicated First Mate, your boat will always be fully prepared and ready for your next adventure on the water. We take care of all the staging, checking, and operational tasks so you can climb aboard and set sail.

Our Walk Off service ensures your vessel is in top shape for your next adventure on the water. Within 24 hours, your First Mate will revisit your boat and re-stage it for your next excursion.

First mate delivering report

Detailed Reports to Keep You in the Loop

As a part of our vessel First Mate services, you will receive your "ship's log" through the BoatSmart HQ app. Your dedicated First Mate will log all maintenance and upgrades performed on your vessel, as well as detailed reports of their inspections, to ensure you know exactly what's going on with your boat.


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