Vessel Inspection Report

The details of your vessel’s inspections are published monthly in a Vessel Inspection Report (VIR). Contact us today to learn how our boat inspections can benefit you.

Vessel Inspection

What is a Vessel Inspection Report?

Each month, you will receive a Vessel Inspection Report from your First Mate that details your ship’s status and components. The VIR is popular with new boat owners and those who live far away from their boats, helping them stay in charge of their vessel’s upkeep.

In the case a problem has been discovered during the inspection, the report also provides suitable procedures to address the problem and cost estimates.

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Benefits of the Vessel Inspection Report

Vessel's Upkeep

Easily Manage Your Vessel’s Upkeep

By consolidating all inspection findings into a single report, BoatSmart HQ simplifies the process for boat owners, eliminating the need to deal with multiple contacts or agencies. It offers a centralised point of contact for all inspection-related matters, saving you time and hassle.

Vessel's Lifespan

Extend Your Vessel’s Lifespan

Regular boat inspections contribute to the longevity and reliability of your vessel. By detecting any mechanical or structural issues in the VIR, you can prevent costly damages and breakdowns, extending the lifespan of your vessel.

Employer showing boat commands

Maximise the Value of Your Investment

By leveraging the insights gained from the VIR, you can maximise the value and minimise potential liabilities associated with your vessel investment. Gain peace of mind knowing you have made an informed investment decision.


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