When you join BoatSmart HQ, your First Mate’s there to ensure your vessel is well maintained and ready to go.


Every month, your First Mate will carry out a thorough inspection and complete a Vessel Inspection Report (VIR), to keep you updated on the status of all key running gear and systems at all times. If you would prefer something more frequent, we can arrange that too.

This is my first sea bound boat. With my BoatSmart First Mate’s knowledge on tap, I have true peace of mind. Plus it makes me safe, saves time and MONEY!
— Steve - GulfStream 38

A Comprehensive monthly running Audit

The VIR is a complete inspection and running audit for the vessel. Focusing on the engineering, power, electronics and operating systems of the boat, each monthly VIR will identify and classify the operational status of every item aboard. It will then report it instantly through the app to give you immediate access to the information - and store it in the Ship’s Log which you can refer to at any point. In addition, the First Mate will report back any relevant issues in the VIR using a green, amber and red traffic light indicator system along with relevant notes and pictures.

Your First Mate won’t do any reparative maintenance during the inspection, other than the practical basics like topping up engine fluids, cleaning and removing rubbish, and stowing items and equipment. 

By logging into the Ship’s Log page on the BoatSmart HQ app, you can view each VIR and check the operational status of each element of your boat and the First Mate’s status update. Using the notes and pictures you can decide what work needs to be carried out and leave it to your First Mate to organise, checking back on any work in progress at any time.