A new total service package that ensures your vessel is safe, seaworthy and ready to go when you need it.

Together with PIC Insurance Brokers, one of New Zealand’s largest insurance brokers, we are delighted to bring you a unique total vessel support package that ensures your boat is safe, seaworthy and ready to go when you need it.


BoatSmart HQ will pair you with a qualified and experienced ‘First Mate’ - your go-to person to help keep your vessel shipshape. Your First Mate will be available by phone to support you if you have issues while on your vessel. He or she will be your advisor when you’re thinking about upgrades or maintenance work, and can manage these for you. Your First Mate will also log all maintenance and upgrades to your mobile BoatSmart HQ app that comes with your total support package.


Every month, your First Mate will carry out a thorough inspection and complete a Vessel Inspection Report (VIR), to keep you updated on the status of all key running gear and systems at all times. If you would prefer something more frequent, we can arrange that too.

MANAGE MAINTENANCE and REPAIRS, and book other services

You can ask for work to be carried out and check its progress, as well as order extra services as and when you need them.

Register your interest today for the opportunity to try out this superb total vessel management service. Just complete this simple form and one of our crew will be in touch to explain how it could work for you.

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These valuable services all included


Vessel Inspections

Simple traffic light indicators indicate the status of every system on your boat along with notes and pictures. You can access every single VIR, initiate work orders and check work in progress.

Your Ship's Log

The Ship’s Log stores every VIR, a record of any service plus maintenance or renovation work you’ve asked to be done. This ‘full service history’ helps protect the value of your boat.


Extra services for more time on the water


Walk On

Our Walk On service ensures that your vessel is fully staged, checked, operational and ready to go out on the water so you can literally climb aboard and cruise away. All hassle-free and booked at the click of a button.


Walk Off

As soon as you dock our Walk Off service will get your vessel fully shipshape for the next adventure - clean, tidy, organised, checked and shut down. You can relax knowing your boat has been looked after and securely moored.


Sign up today for a FREE trial for one of the most comprehensive vessel management services in NZ.

With a maintenance and activity log and an independent monthly assessment, Boatsmart HQ maintains the value of your vessel, assists with claims and allows you to sail with confidence.
— Daniel Garner, PIC Insurance Brokers
Boat maintenance is essential and inevitable, not optional. We’ll keep your boat up to date therefore preserving its asset value and the safety of all on-board.
— Scott Richardson, BoatSmart HQ
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