Preventative maintenance, a necessary evil

When thinking about vessel maintenance, we tend to think about reactive maintenance rather than proactive. This is where preventive maintenance comes into play, as prevention is better than a cure.

From experience working on vessels that have very little to no downtime, you start to understand the importance of upkeep and having a regular maintenance schedule. On large yachts and commercial vessels, they have a daily schedule where the marine engineer runs through a series of checks to ensure everything is as it should be - and this is the way they discover faults and failures rather than waiting for things to show up organically.

When a component fails there are many other components that run-in series to the failed one. This then causes unnecessary stress on other components in that series that could cause major failure, which can be an extremely expensive exercise.

We at BoatSmart HQ preform these checks for you on your pleasure craft monthly, at very little cost, to ensure we catch these components failing before they cost you an arm and a leg, and have your boat unavailable for use. Essentially we are bringing the commercial and super yacht thinking to recreational vessels to save you time and money.

Do you have a current maintenance schedule?