Unique new BoatSmart app looks after your boat when you’re not there

Auckland-based BoatSmart Marine Services have just launched an essential new piece of kit for every boat owner in New Zealand. We’ve set up a new company called BoatSmart HQ which offers a unique membership subscription service to boat owners. It provides a dedicated team to look after your boat when you’re not there, and ensures that your vessel is safe, seaworthy and ready to go when you need it.

At the heart of BoatSmart HQ is our unique mobile BoatSmart HQ app which manages all of the servicing and maintenance of your boat so you don’t have to. BoatSmart HQ crew will also team you up with a qualified and experienced First Mate - your go-to person to help keep your vessel shipshape.

Your First Mate will provide a fully managed service which includes a comprehensive, monthly Vessel Inspection Report (VIR), and also looks after any vessel maintenance work which you can view and track via the Ship’s Log on the mobile app. You can ask for work to be carried out and check its progress, as well as order extra services as and when you need them. In addition, your subscription includes membership to the Coastguard service to make sure you have peace of mind every time you leave the marina.

All in all, becoming a BoatSmart HQ member lets you enjoy the best bits of owning a boat – leaving the hard work to them and putting you in control at all times.

A service for boaties from boaties

As you might expect, the principals behind BoatSmart HQ have had significant on-the-water experience and have owned or currently own boats. It’s in their blood. Kiwis Jeff Taylor and Scott Richardson have both had successful international business careers over 30 years, working at executive management positions in multinational corporate, public sector business and start-up enterprises. They saw a gap in the market for this kind of simple app-based vessel management system and quickly set about developing the online platform.

As they see it, Kiwi boat owners face three big challenges:

Cost - boats are expensive to buy, run and maintain. When buying a boat, owners already set aside a significant amount every year for maintenance and unforeseen repairs. Because of their large investment and the critical focus on vessel safety, they want value for money and a job well done, rather than just ‘she’ll be right’.

Knowledge – unlike the family car, it’s not so simple on a boat to pull the oil plug or clean a filter. You want someone you know and can trust to do this work. These boatmanship skills are out there but it can take time and money to find the right person.

Time – all boat owners have the passion. It’s time they’re short of. They can spend hours preparing for trips, getting the boat shipshape after a trip or on basic maintenance – time which they would much rather spend boating.

BoatSmart HQ’s vision is to help boat owners overcome these challenges. We’re going to maximise the time available for owners to use their vessels by putting expertise and resources in their hands – literally with the BoatSmart HQ app. As Director Scott Richardson says, “Boating is full of uncertainty. BoatSmart HQ allows boaties to venture out knowing the full status of the vessel and reassured that they have done all they can to mitigate risk vessel wise.”