Find out how BoatSmart HQ can add thousands of dollars to your bottom line…


Increase your revenue, save time and have safer, more compliant vessels under your control – and happier owners!

As a marina or dry stack operator you know that one of your biggest problems is irregular users. They take their boats out less than other boaties, so they usually have more breakdowns, higher maintenance bills, more stress and aggravation. In short, they’re probably your most dissatisfied owners.

So what if you could take away all of the maintenance and servicing pain they have and do it all for them? So that their boats are ready to be launched any time, any day of the year – and are always fully compliant.

What if you could do this and also give yourself a regular stream of income to boost your bottom line and help support your local suppliers and trades? Well you can do of this by becoming a BoatSmart HQ franchisee.


As a BoatSmart HQ franchisee you get:

  • An additional, competitively priced service you can offer to owners

  • Fewer vessel breakdowns, a smoother running site and happier owners

  • Safer, more seaworthy vessels carrying all the relevant safety equipment

  • More streamlined vessel management covering maintenance, servicing, insurance and compliance

  • A unique and proven preventative maintenance service

  • Regular contact with your boat owners through the BoatSmart HQ app

  • Low entry cost and a fully scalable service to suit your customer demand

  • Free marketing materials, plus full training and support available from BoatSmart HQ

  • A new income stream and revenue boost where just 20 vessels can add over $100,000 to your bottom line


Franchise territories

It’s our policy to offer you, as a new franchisee, a territory that can demographically support a BoatSmart HQ franchise. Depending on availability and your preference, we can offer the territory that’s closest to where you live or the territory that offers the most potential for success.

Becoming a BoatSmart HQ franchisee has BIG BENEFITS for marina owners and dry stack operators like you!

Interested in finding out more or becoming a BoatSmart HQ franchisee - download our brochure and/or register your interest today.

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