Every boat needs a ‘First Mate’, a go-to guy or gal who knows your vessel inside and out, and who looks after it as if it was their own.

As soon as you become a member of BoatSmart HQ, you will be paired with an experienced First Mate to your vessel. We carefully select our First Mates, ensuring they have the skills, experience and passion to be part of our crew.

Your First Mate will be available by phone to support you if you have issues while on your vessel. He or she will be your advisor when you’re thinking about upgrades or maintenance work, and can manage these for you. Your First Mate will also log all maintenance and upgrades to your mobile BoatSmart HQ app that comes with your total support package.

Every month, he or she will carry out a detailed inspection of your vessel and send a thorough Vessel Inspection Report back to you using the mobile BoatSmart HQ app. You can track these on your app to see the status of all key running gear and systems on your boat along with notes and pictures. You can access all previous VIRs, initiate work orders and check work in progress simply by tapping a button on the app.

Quite simply, BoatSmart HQ’s First Mate is the crew member you’ve always wanted on board.

Shout out for the fabulous app and service BoatSmart provide. My First Mate seamlessly looks after my baby. If you don’t use them, you should. GIVE THEM A CALL.
— Russ - Fairlane 57